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Nurture Your Loved One’s Potential

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Improving the Lives of Children and Young Adults With Disabilities and Their Families

Exceptional children have their own individual gifts. That is why we, at MACE in Atlanta, Georgia, want to help them discover and nurture their unique skills and talents. We provide education, support, and advocacy for children and young adults with exceptional needs. All of our programs are designed to inspire and empower them to be the best that they can be.

Our organization offers professional development support to local schools, support groups and professional counseling to parents, and direct services to help foster inclusion in spiritual spaces. We train teachers, religious leaders, parents, and inspiring advocates on creating an environment full of understanding, awareness, and inclusion for individuals living with exceptional abilities.

MACE has Two Primary Tracks

Promoting awareness through educating the community on the need for inclusive spiritual spaces for community members living with exceptional needs. This includes but is not limited to - community outreach support, parent support, programming for children, etc.

Transforming our community's awareness about the impact of trauma on children through education and social outreach. 

What We Offer Now

Community Outreach

We can come to your community masjid and/or organization and provide an interactive workshop to help educate and empower your community members on the topics of inclusion for individuals with exceptional needs, trauma awareness, special education training for Muslim teachers/schools, etc.

Inclusion Training and Support

  • Sensory room training for masjids, schools, community centers
  • Access friendly masjids, schools, and/or community centers 
  • Training for masjid staff, school staff, and/or other community leaders
  • On-site support for individuals with disabilities for events, conferences, etc.

Family Support

  • Parent/Caregiver support group
  • Education/awareness programs for caregivers

What We Plan to Offer in The Future

1. Direct support for exceptional children

2.  Family Counseling

3. Trauma support and services for families

4. Case management for exceptional children

5. Professional development and training for educators

6. Educational programs for exceptional children

7. Behavioral support, counseling, and services.

8. Sensory room installation in homes, schools, and other religious institutions.

9. Caregiver Empowerment Sessions

Parental Support

Raising a child with exceptional needs is surely challenging for parents. It affects not only their physical health but also their mental and emotional well-being.

Knowing this, we extend a helping hand to parents who need assistance in coping with their daily stress as well as feelings and frustrations. Contact us today to learn more about our support services.

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